Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Nesquik 3D Immersion chamber

Client: Nestle 

Product: Chroma3D Immersion chamber for "Nesquik Challenge"

Materials / fabrication: Coldrolled tube, acrylics, polyestirene, foam polyurethane, wood, laminated wood, electric, large 3D prints.

Team / staff: Estudio Virtual ltd.
Design and production: Jairo Fula, Mauricio Ruiz, Libardo Lambraño.

Comments: The event begins when a child get inside the immerse chamber pod with a 3D chroma glasses. Then the child look at the different characters (Quicky) activities on the 3D print panels . Finally, the child get out of the chamber an a promoter ask him if he/she found the character.

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