Wednesday, May 4, 2016

New World Of Coca-Cola - pitch

Client: The Coca-Cola Company.

Comments: Some sketches for a pitch for the Atlanta Coca-Cola interactive museum.

Trustway Pods

Client: Trustway (Insurance)

Product: Visualization and Industrial design.

Comments: Pods for the Trustway offices clients.

Maloka Virus Poster Stand

Client: Maloka Interactive Museum.

Comments: Stand and 3D chroma poster with 3D images of viruses.

Expo Stand National Army Forces

Client: Recruitment National Army, Strategy (ad agency).

Product: Stand expomilitar99 - Visualization

Team / Staff: Estudio Virtual ltd.

Pfizer Eletriptan

Client: Pfizer Labs

Product: PC game arcade - interactive exhibition for "Eletriptan the drug of the future"

Materials / Fabrication: Coldrolled, plastics, wood, metalic grids, electric systems, kiosk PC.

Team / Staff: Estudio Virtual ltd.

Comments: Pfizer used an interactive promotion for the launch of a brand new product in the medical market.

The game was designed for adults between 25 - 44 years. Mixed technique with video footage and 3D animation.

Nestle Nesquik Challenge 2

Client: Nestle

Product: PC game arcade - interactive exhibition for "Nesquik 2 Challenge"

Materials / fabrication: Cold rolled tube rods, acrylics, polystyrene, foam polyurethane, wood, metallic grid, electric systems, kiosk PC, TV/VCR ntsc.

Team / staff: Estudio Virtual ltd.
Design & production: Jairo Fula, Mauricio Ruiz, Libardo Lambraño;
Animation: Jairo Fula, Jhonny Albarracín, David Restrepo,
Audio, Music, FX: Felix Riaño, Miguel Leyva.

Comments: The sequel of the Brand Nesquik positioning in national level. It´s a thematic event with interactive characteristics that involves the user in a character brand history: Quicky. The complexity of the project resides on the combination of video game, exhibit, transportation, direct sell, visual impact, consumer impact and finally, consumer satisfaction guarantee.

The physical parts are two: pod and product exhibition tower. Also it has an interactive kiosk system (PC) that was optimized to support the possible adversity conditions in a mall or any local market. The materials are strong enough to support hard treat during long work journeys.

The packaging had to be designed to avoid any transportation problems with the pieces.

The game of "RETO NESQUIK 2: VIAJE VIRTUAL" was demanding in multimedia resources. The interactive system was designed as an arcade game with 3D glasses and stereophonic sound, all inside a helmet. The game uses an interactive video navigation and the user hits some points from the video to win. At the end, Nesquik good guys always win.

The characters also was modeled 3D, under the license of Nestlé and Mc Cann Ericksson advertising company. The objective was to achieve a modern effect in the characters.

At the time to produce the TV story to reinforce the multimedia game, it was used a mixed technique to work faster. 2D and 3D video post-production effects.

Nesquik 3D Immersion chamber

Client: Nestle 

Product: Chroma3D Immersion chamber for "Nesquik Challenge"

Materials / fabrication: Coldrolled tube, acrylics, polyestirene, foam polyurethane, wood, laminated wood, electric, large 3D prints.

Team / staff: Estudio Virtual ltd.
Design and production: Jairo Fula, Mauricio Ruiz, Libardo Lambraño.

Comments: The event begins when a child get inside the immerse chamber pod with a 3D chroma glasses. Then the child look at the different characters (Quicky) activities on the 3D print panels . Finally, the child get out of the chamber an a promoter ask him if he/she found the character.